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Comic Date Monday , October 3 , 2005

WELCOME UPDATE October 3, 2005

Update? Surprise! Yes that one person who continues to still check this site months after I last updated will certainly be pleased, maybe. I've decided since I'm just doing this for the web now I can slack on formatting styles, which is why this cartoon doesn't even have a panel. It's not going to print, so why not have some fun with it. It's also a bit more sketchy due to time constraints, although in all honesty putting the color into it likely adds all the time I saved back into the comic. What brought on this comic update, you might ask? Well, I've become infatuated with deviled eggs lately, trying out different kinds of recipies and all. My obsession has finally manage to put a comic idea on my plate and I felt compelled to put it up.

I doubt I'll start updating regularly after this. In addition to trying to finish a thesis, I bought a house! Which means moving... again... Rest assured, however, that when the time comes, I'll try to make use of it... or I might just play World of Warcraft, a devil of a game if there ever was one. While I'm on the subject of entertainment, I suggest anyone who finds this comic amusing should check out the movie, Serenity. Perhaps it's not your thing, but perhaps it is and you just don't know it yet. I caught a few reruns of Firefly, the tv show that preceeded Serenity, and I'm now a devoted "browncoat," as I've heard them called.


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